Breast Massage Techniques

There are so many ways to get bigger breasts without undergoing painful surgery implants. You can even save a lot of money by trying an all-natural breast enhancement method.
1231Many women will try plastic surgery, enhancement pills, but the best and safest way to make the breast look bigger is by a massaging technique. The women who want this in a natural way, is to learn how to massage the breasts. Massaging breasts can also help to form new cell tissues. These procedures are so simple that can be learnt from anyone. If the massage is done by yourself, that will be the cheapest and the safest method to enhance the breasts.

These messages will grow the breasts 1 cup size bigger in 30 days if you make a habit massage them 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Important things are to buy an effective messaging serum, and follow the manufactures instructions. Spend a little more cash and buy effective lotions and creams when you want to massage properly.


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Here are some messages you can do it yourself.
The Massaging process:
• Keep your fingers at the nipples and push gently downwards. Avoid applying too much pressure where you will feel uncomfortable and painful. Proceed with a gentle circular movement.
• Then massage the breast gently with your hands as if like you are kneading dough. Do this very tenderly. Hold your breast and cup them, be sure you don’t put too much pressure that it will hurt and be painful.
• After kneading one boob for some time, shift to the other one. Repeat the same for a short time.

• Hold one breast with two hands and rotate it clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Make sure you apply a limited amount of pressure.

• Finally release the breast from your palm and cover it with your palms to add some heat. Push it in slightly and release.

Regular massage of your breast is really useful to protect it against cancer formation too. During a massage, it gives better blood flow and lymph flow to the bust.


fo39How to do a Chi breast massage:
It is one of the best massaging techniques because it serves a dual purpose by massaging and acupressure. This massage will promote good blood flow and increase prolactin flow as you pressure and hold the points. It helps to flow the chi around your breasts. First place your hands on the breasts. Spread the fingers a little and apply pressure with the fingertips. These are the chi points. Then move the breast and circulate in rotation mode. Move then toward as other as if you are trying to show a cleavage. Then down and out toward each other and up and down away from each breast. Do this 1 or 2 times a day while applying a good lotion.

You can use many homemade creams and even certain types of oil for the massage process. Its better use herbal extracts and breast enlargement creams for this matter. Such as cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, evening primrose oil, coconut oil and almond oil. If you are using coconut oil its one of the best massaging oils. It is very light and has a very light smell comparing with other oils. Coconut oil is also used to balance hormones as well..

Massaging can promote prolactin production that promotes breast growth. It is one key to promoting breast enlargement hormones. These hormones can be triggered by regularly stimulating and massaging both breasts and the nipples.


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Many researchers had shown that breast massages are very good at promoting enhancement and growth. Most of the messages are generally coupled up with a breast enlargement cream or some kinds of pills. So if you are looking at one or two cup sizes to increase perform these massages. They only take a few minutes of the day to complete.